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Pool Tables - Pool Cum Dining Table 4584

Luxury Pool Cum Dining Table
Size: - 8'.0" X 4'.0" X Ht. 32"

 Item Specification
Pool table is manufactured using only the finest raw materials. It's made from stainless steel with matt finish for the legs & bottom frame. Top Frame of the Pool Table made from best Quality Teakwood Top Frame & Dining Top Come in Black colour with high gloss paint finish. Pockets are color matched to each table. 17mm marble is used for the table for playing base which come in 1 piece. Cushions come in L-shaped and it's made from 100% natural gum rubber. Come with each pocket ball collecting system. This table come with best quality 22.75 OZ cloth (70% wool/30% nylon) for excellent playability & durability.

 Other Details :
Out To Out Size At Playing : 7'.0" X 4'.0" X Ht. 32"
Top Cloth Colour : Blue, Red, Green
Pocket Type : Each Pocket Ball Collecting System
Wood material : Indian hardwood
Accessories : (Inclusive)
Body Colour : Black/White
Dining Top : Had choice (2pcs/3pcs)
Mfg. Time : 20 Days

 What's Included
Below Accessories are included :
10 MM Ash wood fold. Cue Stick Nos.4
Pool Ball Set No.1
Triangle No.1
Table Cover No.1
Cue Stand No.1
Brush No.1
Chalks Nos.12
Tips Nos.12
Pool Cloth No.1

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