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Maintenance - in house team

For further information on any of our maintenance services please contact the sales team on  + 91 99233 21915.

As a result of continuing to upgrade our services, we combined Repairs, Renovations, & Servicing into our Maintenance Contract, which usually consists of an agreed schedule of visits to be performed over an agreed fixed period, with payments spread evenly over the period to suit most budgets. These maintenance contracts are fully flexible to meet the needs of your table & can incorporate major renovation work & accessories.

No matter how careful the players are, there will come a time when you will need repairs. This could be minor repairs, such as re-leveling, to more important repairs such as replacing the cloth on the table. Sunshine billiards is able to provide the qualified staff & equipment to ensure that your table is repaired to a very high standard in the shortest possible time.

Prevention of problems is usually more cost effective in the long term than allowing problems to develop & having to perform major repairs. Sunshine Billiards offer a complete regular servicing agreement to ensure that the appearance of the table & its ancillary equipment is kept to a high standard. Servicing visits also give our fitters the opportunity to spot (no pun intended!) problems before they develop.

Over years of use, time will eventually take its toll & major renovation work will be necessary to ensure that your table is performing at a high standard. Again Sunshine Billiards is able to provide the necessary skills in it's workforce both at your premises & in our own factory should the renovation include 'remodeling' the cushions or some other task that may result in removal of your table.

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